Weird URL Bug Lets Users Skip YouTube Ads And Paywalls

Really don’t like looking at YouTube advertisements at the begin or in among videos? It appears to be that thanks to a bug, you are going to in fact be equipped to skip advertisements solely. All users have to do is increase an extra interval at the middle of the video’s URL and it will skip the advertisements. It also appears to be to perform with web sites that have paywalls.

For instance, if your YouTube video’s URL is “”, all you need to do is insert a interval at the close of the “com” so that it reads “” and you are good to go. Specified that this bug is going to value YouTube to shed profits from advertisements that are staying skipped, we’re positive that it is going to be patched in a make a difference of times, if it has not now.

According to a put up on Reddit by u/unicorn4sale, “It’s a generally overlooked edge scenario, web sites neglect to normalize the hostname, the written content is nevertheless served, but there’s no hostname match on the browser so no cookies and broken CORS – and loads of larger web sites use a distinctive area to serve advertisements/media with a whitelist that does not include the extra dot”

This indicates that this is an oversight and that a deal with should really be just as straightforward as the exploit, so if it does not perform for you the following time you test it, there’s a good probability that the site has now patched it up.

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