News Station Mistakes Red Dead Redemption’s Graphics For The Real Outdoors

The graphics in our video clip video games these days are getting superior and much more realistic, where at a look, they could be quickly mistaken for the true thing. This is what occurred to a new station in Oregon where they had been sent in a photograph from Rockstar’s Crimson Useless Redemption 2 and uploaded it imagining it was true.

This is according to a article shared on Reddit in which apparently the photograph was sent in to be section of the station’s “Out & About” phase. The photograph was then printed all through the phase which some avid gamers might identify to be section of the video game, while we just can’t say we blame the Tv set station simply because like we claimed, offered how very good the graphics look, we had been fooled ourselves.

Ayeeeeeeeeee from RedDeadOnline

Also, to be even much more fair, Crimson Useless Redemption’s environment has been designed to represent a fictionalized model of North America, so even though the places might not be true, the way they are depicted does come throughout instead realistic, moreover it is a instead generic shot of trees, rivers, and mountains, so it’s not accurately a dead giveaway unless of course you had been seriously wanting.

Both way, it is a hilarious prank and it’s not the initially time that a Tv set station has aired footage from video clip video games imagining that it might be true.

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