NASA Just Sent Up A $23 Million Space Toilet To The ISS

There are a lot of issues that we consider for granted on Earth that we may possibly not essentially take into account when in space. Choose for case in point the humble pen, which is effective fantastic on Earth many thanks to gravity, but in space, it is an solely diverse story which is why engineers had to build a exclusive pen developed to do the job in zero gravity.

The exact can also be explained for bathrooms, and far more lately, the folks at NASA have packed up a $23 million toilet that they are now sending up to the ISS. So what’s the massive offer about a toilet, you inquire? The present-day bathrooms, which are crafted in Russia, are massive and heavy. The recently-developed toilet has been produced to weigh about 100 lbs . and is 65% more compact than the present-day design.

They also characteristic a new structure with a tilted seat and has also been produced to consider into consideration the female anatomy. It has also been developed to seize far more squander than just before, and will also use suction to enable retain squander from escaping, which is a thing you certainly never want when floating about in space.

The new toilet will also deal with urine that allows it be properly processed by the spacecraft’s recycling program. NASA will not be changing the present-day bathrooms, which are envisioned to continue being in use until finally the conclusion of the space station’s life time. As a substitute, they will exist together with the present-day bathrooms. In the meantime, if you’re curious about how the bathrooms do the job in space, check out out the movie over to see the present-day set up.

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