Microsoft’s Patent For Cryptocurrency Mining Might Raise Some Eyebrows

When it comes to mining for cryptocurrency, it commonly requires the use of computers driven by powerful GPUs which can automate the mining approach and operate 24/7. Nevertheless, it looks that Microsoft has invented a new likely way of mining cryptocurrency that could possibly elevate some eyebrows because of to how it will work.

According to a not long ago-discovered patent, Microsoft has devised a way of mining cryptocurrency that makes use of your body’s activity. Basically, Microsoft needs to use our every day actual physical actions as a way to produce computational electrical power, which in transform could be utilized to mine for cryptocurrency.

Microsoft’s description of the patent reads, “For illustration, as an alternative of significant computation function needed by some standard cryptocurrency devices, information produced based mostly on the entire body activity of the person can be a evidence-of-function, and hence, a person can address the computationally challenging problem unconsciously.”

This can be measured by making use of a range of sensors this kind of as fMRI scanners, EEG sensor, NIRS sensors, thermal scanner, heart fee sensors, cameras, and so on. It even suggests that our brainwaves could also harnessed, like the waves created when performing selected issues this kind of as executing a process or even viewing ads.

Of program, regardless of whether or not this kind of a system will be executed is anyone’s guess, but it is nonetheless an interesting tactic nevertheless.

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