Instagram Lets More Creators Sell Badges in Live Videos

The platform is giving influencers even more ways to make money.

Instagram is giving creators more ways to make money on the app. The platform is now letting more influencers sell badges during Instagram Live videos, and is also expanding tests on IGTV commercials.

Instagram Live Badges

Instagram Expands Access to Badges

Instagram first introduced badges in an About Instagram blog post in May 2020. Users get the option of purchasing a badge during a creator’s live stream, which will then appear as an icon next to the person’s username.

Badges make users much more noticeable to the creator. In turn, the creator can choose to reward loyal fans with a shoutout, or some other type of acknowledgment.

Initially, badges were only available to a limited number of influencers, but now, that number has been greatly expanded. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, announced in a Tweet that badges are coming to more users around the world.

The platform now allows over 50,000 creators to take advantage of Instagram’s badge system. Instagram also noted that it will match users’ revenue for badge sales up to $5,000 (but only for a limited amount of time).

In addition, Instagram is expanding its test on IGTV commercials. This feature gives creators the opportunity to monetize their accounts as well.

This isn’t the only step Instagram has taken to help creators’ make money. It has even expanded its shopping feature on the app, and will soon allow users to shop on Reels.

Making Money on Instagram

Giving creators more opportunities to make money on Instagram will inevitably attract more influencers to the app. As Instagram struggles to compete with TikTok and other popular social media platforms, it has to pull out all the stops to maintain its status.


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