How to Get Started Using Spotify Premium Duo

There are many music streaming platforms currently available for your listening pleasure. Most streaming services offer premium subscriptions, and Spotify is no exception. And one of its most interesting plans is called Spotify Duo.

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Spotify launched Spotify Duo in July 2020 as a new option for music-loving couples (or friends living at the same address). Duo lets you share a Spotify subscription with someone, but affords you both separate accounts.

Spotify Duo is the perfect music subscription plan for any music-loving pair. So in this article, we’ll show you how to get started with Spotify Duo.

What Is Spotify Duo?

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The Spotify Duo plan is a subscription plan available for two people who share the same address. Since each of you will have your own Spotify account, you can listen to your Eminem playlist at the same time as your roommate listens to her Metallica playlist.

You do not share login details with your companion; you only share the plan. Because you will be on the same plan, the monthly cost for your premium account is lower than if you had two separate Spotify premium accounts.

The cost for Spotify Duo is US$12.99/month, with equivalent pricing in other countries. You and your co-member must live at the same address, and this will be verified by Spotify.

If you are joining a Duo account, you must live with the premium plan’s main account holder. And to sign up for Spotify Premium Duo, you must have an existing Spotify account.

How to Subscribe to Spotify Premium Duo

When you are the first person to sign up for Spotify Duo, this makes you the plan manager. This means you will be handling the payment of the subscription fee, setting the account’s address, and you can add or remove the other member at your discretion.

To start a Spotify Duo account:

  1. Visit

    Screenshot Spotify Duo main page
  2. Click the Get Started button.
  3. Enter in all of your details, double-check them for accuracy, and hit the Buy Spotify Premium Duo button.

    Spotify Premium Duo sign up page
  4. Then, follow the instructions to invite your co-member to join your Spotify Duo plan.

If you are not the plan manager but want to take part in the Duo plan you will need to log into your Spotify account or create one if you haven’t already.

The plan manager can invite you to join Spotify Premium Duo by visiting the Spotify Duo invite page. You can be invited to join by email or WhatsApp. After they sign you up, you will be sent an email or a WhatsApp message with further instructions.

The sign-up process for Spotify Duo is quick and easy. Within a few minutes, you and your companion will be enjoying all the features the Duo plan has to offer. You can also cancel Duo without penalty.

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What Does the Spotify Premium Duo Plan Offer?

The Spotify Duo plan offers all of the regular features of the streaming platform.

Make Your Own Awesome Playlists

You can make personal playlists with any songs you choose and share these playlists on your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, Skype, and Tumblr). You can play your songs consecutively or put your playlist on shuffle for a random experience.

Follow Your Favorites

Spotify allows you to follow your friends or people on the platform with similar musical tastes. This makes for a social environment any music lover would be happy to be a part of.

Use Music Discovery to Find New Tunes

Spotify will automatically recommend artists and songs you may enjoy based on your music likes and playlists. The streaming service will also create a “Discover Weekly” playlist for you, this is a weekly two-hour-long playlist generated from your previous music selections.

Enjoy Offline Music Access

With Spotify Premium, you can download your playlists to listen to outside of your home. This will not use your mobile data, and it gives you access to all of your favorite tunes while on the go.

To Download a Spotify playlist on your phone or computer:

  • Go to the playlist that you want to download. Make sure you are on a wifi connection or else this function will use your mobile data.

    Spotify Premium download playlist
  • You can see there is a switch called “Download“, switch the toggle so it turns green. Your playlist will be downloaded within a couple of minutes.

    Spotify Duo Premium playlist download complete
  • Enjoy your playlist as often as you like!

This is a good way to have music on your phone without paying per song. If you want to try another application that allows offline access to music on your smartphone, take a look at this list of the best music download apps for Android and iOS.

Read and Learn About the Lyrics of Your Favorite Songs

Spotify has partnerships with lyric websites Genius and SoundHound. These allow you to view the lyrics for selected songs on the mobile application. Some songs even have a breakdown of the meaning of the lyrics, so you can learn more about your favorite tunes.

The Standout Feature of Spotify Premium Duo: The Duo Mix

Spotify Premium Duo also offers an exclusive playlist called “Duo Mix”. This playlist is a combination of the music you and your co-member have listened to. It automatically generates a playlist based on the artists, genres, and songs that you have listened to, and updates as you use the platform.

To join Duo Mix:

  1. Go to

    Spotify Premium Duo join Duo Mix
  2. Click the Join Duo Mix option.

    Spotify Premium Duo join Duo Mix complete
  3.  Click the blue Join button. You can leave Duo Mix at any time by going back to your account page and clicking Leave Duo Mix.

These are several ways to locate and play your Duo Mix:

  • You can find your Duo Mix under Made for You.
  • You can search for “Duo Mix” in the Spotify search bar.
  • You can ask your smart speaker to play your Duo Mix.

You can also choose a mood for your Duo Mix playlist:  This feature is only available on mobile.

  1. Tap Chill (moon icon) for easy listening and a relaxed tempo. Tap the moon icon once more to return to the standard mix.
  2. Select the Upbeat (sun icon) option for a quicker and more energetic tempo. To go back to the standard mix, tap the sun icon one more time.

Spotify Duo needs a couple of weeks to get to know your tastes. It may take this long for you to see selections based on your co-member’s musical tastes.

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Is Spotify Premium Duo Worth the Cost?

Spotify is definitely offering something different with the Premium Duo subscription plan. Not only do you get the regular features of a Spotify Premium account, but you get the option to connect with your companion through your musical tastes.

One Spotify Premium account costs US$9.99/month, so you will be saving a few bucks each month by using the Premium Duo subscription plan. Splitting the cost of the premium plan will help you save money that you can put towards something else you enjoy.

Spotify Duo Is Music Streaming for Two Made Easy

Spotify Duo is a cost-effective and fun way to share music with someone you care about. Whether you have similar or completely opposite tastes in music. And thanks to the reduced rate, Spotify Duo means you can enjoy the best Spotify Premium features for less money.


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