GoTrax Xr Is a Budget Electric Scooter You Won’t Outgrow

Our verdict of the GoTrax Xr Electric Scooter:
The GoTrax Xr is not the fastest or the sleekest electric scooter on the current market. That is particularly why it’s a terrific alternative for to start with-time scooter proprietors or any person on a spending plan.

If you’re a commuter who is sick of driving, walking, or driving the bus, you have received a couple of solutions. You could ride a bicycle, but then you’re much more or less resigning by yourself to displaying up to work at the very least a minimal little bit sweaty. In addition, you may not jump out of bed in the morning raring to go.

Electric scooters can make the commute to work or a fast excursion to the keep a lot a lot quicker with no the inconvenience of driving a bicycle. The only downside is that they can be high priced. That is fully untrue when it comes to the GoTrax Xr, which retails at $300. The dilemma is, can a scooter with a selling price this lower constantly get you the place you’re heading?

Technical specs

  • Motor: 250 watt
  • Battery: 5.2Ah 36v, non-replaceable
  • Handlebar: Mounted peak
  • Assortment: 12 miles for each cost
  • Max speed: 15.5mph
  • Procedure: two speed modes, cruise control
  • Dimensions when folded: 43.3 x 17.1 x 14.6 inches
  • Pounds: 26.45 lbs
  • Greatest rider weight: 220 lbs
  • Water-proof Ranking: IP54

GoTrax Xr Options

The GoTrax Xr is a barebones scooter, but this merely means that the enterprise focused on getting a couple of points correct, somewhat than utilizing a total host of options badly.

The designed-in LED monitor is utilitarian, but it tells you what you require to know. This means it shows you how rapidly you’re heading, the remaining cost on the battery, and what speed method you’re in. You also get a headlight on the entrance, but on the back, you only get a reflector, not a comprehensive tail light-weight.

The GoTrax Xr options a designed-in cruise control option, which is terrific for commuters. You also get a easy kickstand to assistance the scooter stand upright.

The brake line is exposed, which is unusual for an electric scooter. It is much more together the traces of what you would see on a bicycle. This is predominantly an aesthetic challenge, though I suppose it is attainable that the brake line could dress in much more quickly since it is exposed.

Getting Begun

The GoTrax Xr arrives generally assembled. All you require to do is attach the brake line to the handlebars, then attach the handlebars to the rest of the scooter. Reattaching the brake line to the body was a little bit discouraging, but it still took less than five minutes to get absolutely assembled.

Scooter leaning against a tree

GoTrax correctly assumes that you’ll in all probability want to choose the scooter for a ride as quickly as you get it out of the box and assembled. The scooter arrives partly billed — basically shut to absolutely billed in my situation — meaning you don’t require to wait around to cost the battery just before you can head out for a ride.

Speed and Management

The GoTrax Xr has a maximum speed of 15.5 miles for each hour. This could possibly seem gradual, and on one thing like a bicycle it would be. But when you’re standing on a skinny platform a couple of inches above the road, it definitely doesn’t truly feel gradual. It can basically truly feel a minimal frightening, specifically if you’re not applied to driving electric scooters all the time.

To retain it from speeding away from you, you require to kick off and get the scooter going a little bit just before it will accelerate. At the time it begins, it picks up speed relatively quickly. There are two speed modes, which you toggle in between by keeping the crimson button in the vicinity of the screen. The speed is confined to all-around 10 miles for each hour in the to start with method, though the 2nd lets you go up to the maximum speed.

Cruise control on GoTrax Xr

I’m not a modest particular person, and I’m basically correct at the GoTrax Xr’s higher weight restrict of 220 lbs. Even so, the GoTrax Xr still accelerates impressively quickly. Of system, this is when you’re going on a rather flat section of road.

The Xr will cope with slight hills, and will do so with gusto, but as points get steeper it quickly loses electricity. As I realized I was at the higher end of the weight restrict, I experienced pals who weighed less check out out the scooter, and it experienced the similar challenge with hills. Nevertheless, it was surprising how well it dealt with hills that would need some extra leg electricity on a bicycle.

What About Stopping?

The GoTrax Xr has two braking solutions. A single is regenerative, which employs the motor to gradual you down and basically ever so a little bit recharges the battery, that’s why the title. The other system of halting is the disc brake, which is really identical to the brakes you’ll see on bicycles, correct down to the design and style of the cope with on the remaining facet of the handlebars.

Xr disc brakes

Many scooters have dual braking controls: a single for the regenerative brake and a single for the disc brake. The Xr simplifies points by mechanically engaging the regenerative brake as quickly as you activate the disc brake. At the very least I think this is what’s happening simply because the braking electricity is shockingly very good. Concerning the regenerative braking in the entrance and the disc braking in the back, the GoTrax Xr can halt relatively quickly.

I experienced nervous that simply because I was in the vicinity of the leading of the weight restrict, slowing down would be less efficient, but thankfully, this was not the situation. A single other factor worthy of noting is that the speed limiter doesn’t work when heading downhill, so you’ll want to retain a hand on the brakes.

Journey and Comfort

The GoTrax Xr is meant for driving on smooth surfaces, preferably a road. You can choose it somewhere else, but you’re not heading to shift really quickly or really comfortably.

Compared with much more high priced scooters, the GoTrax Xr has no designed-in suspension. That claimed, it does use air-filled tires the place some other scooters are strong, so you do get some smoothing out of bumps from the tires. If you’re on a road, even a rather rough a single, the ride is smooth.

Front of GoTrax Xr

I examined the GoTrax Xr in a gravel parking lot, and this wasn’t virtually as at ease as driving on the road. It was manageable, but I experienced to go slower, and I have a emotion that just after a mile or so of bumping all-around like this I would have wanted to choose a break.

Trying the Xr on even bumpier turf like grass was generally impossible. Even with your weight as far toward the rear of the scooter as attainable, even slight dips and divots can render the scooter stuck. If you were going more rapidly when you strike a single of these, you could very easily drop off.


When folded down, the GoTrax Xr is rather simple to shift all-around. At just above 25 lbs, it is not the lightest factor to have, but it is not prohibitively hefty either. If you require to haul it inside your house or place of work, going it is the simple component.

Xr scooter collapsed

Truly storing the Xr is to some degree much more hard. This isn’t simply because of the in general dimension, but simply because the wheels necessarily mean you cannot stand it on its end to very easily tuck into a closet. This means you require adequate floor room to retain it, which is doable, but not inconspicuous.

Battery and Assortment

Tests selection is difficult with the GoTrax Xr since it doesn’t have an odometer. That claimed, I took a couple of excursions all-around a loop I know is about a 1.2 miles long. Following 6 excursions, there was still a good sum of juice remaining in the battery, so though it may not always make the max selection, you can safely make at the very least 8 or 9 miles.

GoTrax Xr power port

In accordance to GoTrax, the internal battery on the Xr (which isn’t replaceable, by the way) recharges in about 4 hrs. In my screening, I under no circumstances absolutely drained the battery, but the Xr always arrived at a comprehensive cost in less than 4 hrs.

A single factor to observe is that the guide claims that the provided electricity provide has a light-weight that will convert from crimson (charging) to environmentally friendly (billed) the moment the Xr is absolutely billed. I under no circumstances basically noticed this go from crimson to environmentally friendly, besides for when I unplugged the charger from the scooter. I could have just gained a faulty charger, but it is worthy of pointing out.

Are They Legal? Who Is aware!

A single crucial factor to know is that whether or not electric scooters are authorized differs in between nations around the world. In the United States, legal guidelines fluctuate in between states and even cities and metropolitan areas.

For case in point, in New York State, the place I am, there are now no point out-broad legal guidelines about electric scooter procedure. This is set to adjust in August 2020, when scooters will be authorized to run on roadways with a posted speed restrict of 30 miles for each hour or less. This can fluctuate by metropolis, and electric scooters are now illegal in New York Town.

Rear reflector on GoTrax Xr

You may be topic to even further limits relying on the place you are as well. In some spots, you require to sign-up the scooter as you would any other auto, in many others you may require a license. Dependent on the place you are, you may be expected to dress in a helmet.

On that very last stage, for your possess sake, you ought to dress in a helmet when you’re using a single of these.

Need to You Purchase the GoTrax Xr?

The GoTrax Xr is far from the most function-packed or classy electric scooter on the current market. But for the selling price, it is a terrific offer for a strong scooter. Spending much more will get you much more options, but specifically if you’re getting your to start with electric scooter and you’re not confident about how a lot you’ll use it, this is a terrific spot to commence.

A single factor to observe is that the selection on the Xr may be a problem if you’re looking to use it to commute. GoTrax makes a a little bit upgraded version, the Xr Extremely, that bumps the selection up to 16 miles. The two are the similar in each individual way, besides that the Extremely prices a minimal much more owing to the prolonged selection.

Possibly way, the GoTrax Xr feels sturdy adequate that I’m confident it will very last you rather a though.

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