For Some Reason, Apple Thinks Glass Keyboards Are A Great Idea

If you’ve ever typed out lengthy paragraphs on your smartphone or pill working with the on-screen keyboard, you know that it isn’t particularly a extremely pleasurable experience. There is anything about working with a physical keyboard with tactile opinions that makes it much easier, but Apple thinks that they can adjust your thoughts.

According to a patent uncovered by AppleInsider, it appears that Apple is toying all over with the notion of a keyboard produced out of glass. The notion is that by working with glass, the organization believes it could not only result in keyboards that are more time long lasting that does not have its legends rub off above time, but could also be employed in smaller sized devices like tablets or laptops.

Apple also believes that by working with glass, it would allow for far better backlighting in which the overall essential could be illuminated, not just the legends. “Additionally, the keycap can additional drastically adjust shade if the backlight illumination improvements shade. For example, dual-shade or RGB LEDs employed for backlighting can adjust the shade of a more substantial proportion of the keycap… The backlighting can adjust the brightness and shade of the overall middle layer apart from the glyph.”

We’re not certain if Apple’s proposal suggests that we could be hunting at keycaps produced out of glass, or if the overall keyboard would be produced from glass like a substantial show. Apple has tried to reinvent the keyboard with its butterfly switches, only for them to form of slide flat. That remaining said, with this remaining a patent, there is no way of realizing if Apple has options to truly make it a fact.

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